Known as the "Scottie", the Scottish Terrier has a compact, strong body; short legs,
pricked ears and naturally erect tail. Their face should wear a keen, sharp and active
expression. They come in colors of black, wheaten or brindle, but most people
remember them as black due to commercial Scotties and the Scottie owned by
President Roosevelt. They have prick ears that are set high, very sturdy bodies, and
long faces.


Scottish Terriers are active and assertive. They are rather confident and independent,
but can be loyal and faithful if trained properly. They love to play ball and to chase things,
and will hunt down small animals or cats if given the chance. They are very terrier-like in
nature, and love to dig and love to hunt vermin.


The Scottish Terrier is the best known and possibly oldest of the Highland terriers.
Some people think Westies are one in the same breed as the Scotties. Originally in the
1800s, all of those terriers were shown and classified under "Scotch Terriers". The
breed was brought to America in the late 1800s and first shown at dog shows in the
early 19th century. All of these were interbred until around 1800, when the Scottie was
set apart from the rest and bred on its own.
Scotties closely resemble West Highland White
Terriers, Skye Terriers and Dandie Dinmont
Terriers, all of whom are cousins.
Guard Ability:
Life Span:
Learning rate:
Watch Ability:
Activity level:
10 - 11 inches
Very High
12 - 14 Years
Sharp, dense and wiry
Black, wheaten, brindle, grays or grizzled
Very High
Active and assertive, confident
18 - 23 pounds
Scottish Terrier